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Digital Threats are Growing

Networks are Getting More Complicated Leading to Privacy Concerns

  • Average of 12 connected devices per household
  • 74 billion connected devices projected by 2025
  • Most people don’t know what devices are actually connected on their networks

Digital Parenting is More Challenging than Ever

  • Kids spend more than 7 hours per day in front of screens
  • 90% of kids age 8-16 have seen inappropriate content online
  • Screen time management is one of the biggest challenges for parents

Vulnerable Devices Leading to More Hacking

  • 70% of connected devices vulnerable to hacking
  • 330% increase in hacking during pandemic
  • Default network security in devices is inadequate
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Demand for Gryphon has Increased with the Rise of Work from Home and Online Learning

Network security, parental controls, and reliability are more important than ever.

Gryphon is your Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) for the home

  • Over 160% YoY 2019 revenue growth
  • More that 3,000 positive customer reviews
  • Named best parental control solution 2 years in a row by Fatherly
  • More than 8 million malware threats blocked
  • Over 25,000 Gryphons sold with more than $5mm in total sales
  • Awarded Best of CES 2019 by Tech Aeris
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Jul 2014

Gryphon founded

Aug 2016

Gryphon software development launched and patents filed

Dec 2016

First working prototype launched

Feb 2017

Successful KickStarter campaign for Gryphon Tower

Dec 2017

Engaged to begin manufacturing

Feb 2018

Oversubscribed SeedInvest crowd equity round closed ($900K raised)

Apr 2018

Commercial production launch for Gryphon Tower

Dec 2018

Surpassed 2,000 units sold

Apr 2019

Successful seed round closed ($2.4M raised)

Jul 2019

Started Gryphon Guardian Project

Dec 2019

Homebound beta launched

Feb 2020

Gryphon Guardian launched

Reasons to Invest

Over 160% YoY revenue growth and 480% YoY recurring subscription revenue growth for FY2019.


Since launching mid 2018, it has achieved over $5 million in total sales and over 8 million threats blocked across more than 25,000 Gryphons.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property protected by 5 patents issued and other patents pending, which covers machine learning based network protection and parental controls.


Co-founder & CEO was one of the key inventors of the MiFi mobile hotspot and currently holds 25 patents.

Growing Market

The cyber security market is expected to be a $270 billion market and Gryphon's directly addressable market is $29 billion growing at 15% CAGR.

Device Projection

There are currently 20 billion connected devices globally, projected to grow to 74 billion by 2025.
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Gryphon Combines Network Performance with Complete Protection with its WiFi routers, cloud management application, and a smart phone app

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Content Filtering
Remotely Manage From Anywhere
User Level Controls
Control App Access
Manage Screen Time
Mesh Networking
Adaptive Machine Learning
Malware Protection
AI Intrusion Detection

We’re offering all investors quarterly shareholder updates and a 20% discount code for any Gryphon product.

Individual investors will receive:

  • A free Gryphon Guardian router
  • 1-year security subscription
  • A free Gryphon tower router
  • 1-year security subscription
  • A free Gryphon AX WiFi6 router
  • 1-year security subscription
  • A free Gryphon AX WiFi6 2 Pack Routers
  • Wireless mesh
  • 5 years of security subscription
  • Live video call with founders
  • A free Gryphon AX WiFi6 2 Pack Routers
  • Wireless mesh
  • 5 years of security subscription
  • Air travel for 2 within continental US, 3 nights 5 star hotel in San Diego, and dinner with CEO John Wu and other Gryphon executives

Product Market Fit Shown by the Communities Gryphon Serves

Gryphon has unleashed a set of parental controls on this router that is unheard of in the market. Seriously, if you have a child and you want to cater a better internet experience for them, the Gryphon is the only router for you.
One of the more innovative aspects of this feature is that the router can scan Internet of Things devices, like smart home appliances. These are often vulnerabilities people don’t even think about, so the router taking care of this for you and alerting  you if there’s a problem is an excellent bonus.
I really liked the design of the router, and I was never left hanging when trying to stream video why my boys played video games.
Gryphon’s parental controls are more extensive and straightforward to use than those we’ve seen in most rival routers, and might well clinch the deal for parents who want to take more control over their children’s Internet use.
Best Security-focused
Mesh Router
The Best WiFi Mesh Network Systems for 2019 – Top 10 List
Best of CES 2019 – Best Router for Family Safety and Privacy
“The Best Parental Control Hardware Around”

Three Pillars of Gryphon’s Business Model

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1. Product
Gryphons Sold
YoY Sales Growth 2019
2. License and Service
Software License and Term Sheets
Advanced Network Protection Renewal Rate
Gross Margin on Service
3. Data Intelligence
Devices Being Protected
Average Number of Management Devices per Home
Malware and Intrusions Blocked

Network Protection and Reliability are Becoming More Important

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Gryphon Roadmap

Gryphon is aiming to capitalize on both short and long-term growth opportunities in a fragmented market.


Immediately actionable opportunities
Optimize Marketing

Expand marketing to broaden reach through existing channels like Amazon, Google, Walmart, and Youtube

Launch WiFi 6

Launch WiFi 6 to capitalize on a technology switch point for many consumers looking to replace their existing WiFi solution, especially in the past year

Pandemic Demand

Take advantage of the increase in demand with global work from home and online distance learning trends


Long-term growth strategies
Investment in R&D

Expand marketing to broaden reach through existing channels like Amazon, Google, Walmart, and Youtube

Data Intelligence

Leverage device vulnerability intelligence and data to improve network protection and content filtering

Revenue Diversification

Pursue software licensing opportunities and international distribution partnerships

Led by Industry Veterans

Gryphon’s team is comprised of industry veterans with track records of success in their domains of expertise.

John Wu
Co-Founder and CEO. MiFi Inventor, ex-Motorola
Arup Bhattacharya
Co-Founder and CTO. Built the chip and SW that powered the Apple iPods
Peter Townshend
Legal Counsel
Allan Chua
VP of Marketing and Business Development
Sanjeev Kumar
Board Member
Former COO of Portal Player
Arindam Das, PhD
AI and Big Data Scientist
Advisor, Associate Professor
Cathy Hoving
Finance Manager
Neel Goyal
Digital Marketing Manager

Invest in the Cyber Security Market

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Live Investor Webinar with Q&A

Join us for a special webinar featuring Gryphon's CEO, John Wu, and VP of Marketing and Business Development, Allan Chua, as they'll provide more information about our Series A fundraise and discuss exciting shareholder opportunities and exclusive investor perks. Enjoy an information session followed by a live Q&A to learn more about our company mission and vision for the future!


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